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Sorry for the downtime. We had some hosting issues but we are mostly back now. The BBS is up and we just have a few more things to do to the website.

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[12/17/19] - Hello friends! We are currently conducting some testing on our management tools and as a result, I get to tweet to you! We've been working hard lately to add more customization to the bbs. We will have more announcements shortly. Stay tuned!

[10/5/19] - Hello, world! After much time and energy and deliberating, we have decided to return to the Windows platform to run the BBS. Primarily due to the linux version letting every telnet bot out there clog up all the nodes and difficulty with the doors... but we're back on our way. Some logs and stats may have been lost, but that's how it goes. Here we go!

[03/20/18] - Well, it's been a while since our last update, but we were working behind the scenes... and thanks to our efforts we have now completed porting the board to Linux! We are now on Mystic v1.12 A38 running CentOS 7. Some exciting redesigns of our custom Vortex mods are underway, including the new user voting mod and Plan 9 BBS List, to leverage Python. More updates soon!

[03/10/17] - Sorry for the hiatus. We have been busy working behind the scenes to make the BBS more interactive. We will soon be bringing our IRC server online, along with having capabilities such as in channel BBS updates and file uploading and downloading. Stay tuned for more info in the following days...

[06/10/16] - A ton of work has been completed, and now phase 2 is officially complete. All the menus' prompts have been tweaked, doors updated, new user voting mod deployed... scan process updated, automessage, autosig customized... practically everything is customized. Ultimate Usurper will be coming soon, as well as that password reset... and much more!! Get ready!!

[04/10/16] - Phase 1 of our BBS project is now complete. We've achieved feature parity with our old Synchronet system. We've even added some new features along the way. The website is also in a good place. In our next phase, we will be making changes to headers and prompts used throughout the BBS along with a logon matrix which will allow self-service password resets.

[03/27/16] - A lot has happened in just a short time. We have completed many milestones over the past couple of weeks. The main processes and areas of the board are completed and customized. The website has seen tremendous improvements, as the content on the main page of the website is now dynamic and displayed in real time. Keep checking back with us as we have much more planned.

[03/21/16] - It's been a long hiatus, but the Vortex is back! You'll notice things are in slight disarray, and there is work to be done, because we have ported the board from Synchronet to Mystic. So, be on the lookout for changes and tweaks as we get everything going. Files are getting there, message boards are set, doors are online...so have fun, more to come!

[09/18/07] - After being offline for a little while, all the old files are back online, and we've got a gig or two of new stuff coming soon. Usurper has been fixed and a second game with some great tweaks has been added. Several other things are underway with updating the board and we'll keep you posted as they progress. Now maybe we can get some messaging going on?

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